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Dependent Visa

Adult Dependent Visa

Adult dependant Relative Visa. A broad definition of an adult dependant is an adult who needs assistance to carry out their normal activities. Such an individual is not able to do anything and or live normally all by themselves.

Adult Dependent Visa

Child Dependent visa

EEA Family Permit Main image

Child Dependant Visa For a child to qualify as a dependant, the child must be under the age of 18 (for non EEA child dependants), not leading an independent life, unmarried (or not in a civil partnership) and has not formed an independent family unit. How can i obtain a visa for my child? What visa can i obtain for my child? For child dependants, in most cases the home office requires that both parent are in the UK with the child. 

Fiancee Visa

A migrant can make a visa application on the basis of being a fiancée/proposed civil partner of a person who is a British citizen, is settled in the UK or is in the UK under asylum leave or Humanitarian Protection. The applicant must show that the relationship is genuine and there are also requirements about suitable accommodation (both before and after the marriage/civil partnership), minimum income and English language.   The visa is granted for six months, and the applicant is expected to marry/form the civil partnership within that period. 


Unmarried Partner Visa

unmarried partner visa

Rules for unmarried partners are similar to those for spouses and civil partners. The partner of the applicant must be British citizen, settled in the UK or in the UK under asylum leave or Humanitarian Protection and there are requirements about genuineness of relationship, suitable accommodation, minimum income and English language. Unmarried partner applications can be based either on heterosexual or same-sex relationships.In addition to this, the applicant must show that they have been living with their partner for at least two years.

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