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EEA Residence Visa

eea family permit

EEA Family Permit visa application UK  leading EA Family Permit Law firms  – At KIMS LAW we offer a free EEA Family Permit visa assessment on the first call or first appointment. Under the Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2006, nationals of the European Economic Area and Switzerland are able to apply for the right to work in the UK together with their dependants. In order to join EEA sponsor, non-EEA family member should apply for a Family Permit which is valid for a period of 6 months period of six months. 

EEA Family

eea residence card

EEA residence card

EEA Residence Card visa application If you have a family member who is a citizen of the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland and they live in the UK following the requirements of the Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2006, then you may be able to extend your leave in the UK as a family member of an EEA national. If you are from outside of the European Economic Area and Switzerland, you may have a valid case for a Residence Card. 

eea registration certificate

If you are an EEA national exercising your treaty rights, namely, you are working, self-sufficient; self-employed, job seeker or student with comprehensive sickness insurance, you may request confirmation of this in the form of a registration certificate. A registration certificate confirms your entitlement to reside and work in the UK. It is not a requirement for EEA nationals to obtain an EEA Registration Certificate. . Given the fact that it is not a mandatory right to work document, the EEA Registration 

EEA Job sseker

eea permanent residence

EEA Permanent Residence

EEA Permanent Residence – EEA PR If you are from the European Economic area or Switzerland looking to gain permanent residence, or have a family member with you in the UK and want them to gain settled status/permanent residence, KIMS LAW can assist with assessing the eligibility of such an application. If the European national has been working and living in the UK legally for 5 years, you may be eligible for Permanent Residence (PR). The term “exercising treaty rights” is used to describe what the European national must satisfy. 

EEA Derivative Residence Card as a Primary Carer

If you would like to discuss your eligibility for an EEA Derivative Residence Card or Card application or appeal, contact us. If you are the primary carer for a child who has the right to reside in the UK then you may be eligible for an EEA Derivative Residence Card.  You can also qualify for an EEA Derivative Residence Card as the child of an EEA national worker or as the child of a primary carer. 

child carer

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